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We all heard it was coming, but nobody really knew what to expect. Our hospitals and healthcare workers are not properly prepared for something as contagious as COVID 19 has turned out to be.

The frontline healthcare workers are doing the most amazing job caring for people that have contacted the Corona virus, along with all of the other regular and expected patient load. But a virus like this has never been seen before, and healthcare professionals don’t have everything they need to make sure they also take care of themselves and their families.

It has been brought to our attention at Shower Toga that these professionals are struggling to keep from contaminating their personal spaces such as their homes and their cars. After caring for the infected during their shifts, they then have to clean up and go home without potentially spreading the virus from the healthcare facility, to their cars, and ultimately to their homes and families. Many have reverted to stripping down and washing themselves off with soap and water outside before attempting to drive home or go into their houses.

SHOWER TOGA is here to help YOU, the healthcare professional....

** Know someone on the frontlines that may benefit from a Shower Toga? Have them complete this simple online form.

Inside this package is 1 Shower Toga. This amazing product will allow you to completely undress and shower in public. When finished, put all potentially infected garments into the Shower Toga and pull the draw strings closed to create a bag. Shower Toga is machine washable (do not put in dryer).

For instructions on how to use the Shower Toga, please click here. There are several instructional videos right on the home page for easy access.

Shower Toga is not a replacement for the cleaning procedures recommended by healthcare authorities. It is being supplied as a convenience for those struggling to find an effective and private way to clean up and change clothing in a public setting.

Kressa Peterson
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Shower Toga
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