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Oversized HUGE Turkish beach towel-Super high quality (BONUS-We will add a FREE beach towel with EVERY $50 in purchases-No limit)

$25.00 $29.95
  • Color Color-patten will be chosen for you as each one is unique. The perfect companion for your Shower Toga or Shower Toga Plus
  • 🐳 Lightweight, Oversized & Absorbent: Be amazed by the convenience of a Peshtemal, Turkish Towel! The special cotton weave allows for the fabric to be thin and absorbent. Towels are almost 40% larger than your average beach towel. Fantastic for families!
  • 🐳 Perfect Traveling Companion: Replace your bulky towel with this compact, lighter option on your next adventure! You can easily roll it up and save tons of space in your bag, backpack or suitcase. Whether you are camping, road tripping or flying, you will be thankful for the extra space!
  • 🐳 Fast Drying & Versatile: Air dry these babies without a care in the world! Thanks to the thin nature of the cotton fabric, these towels quickly dry between uses and avoid the funky smell damp towels get. Can be fashioned into a sarong, cover up or draped on shoulders as a shawl. Use in place of your bath towels if your bathroom tends to be humid.
  • 🐳 Multipurpose Fitness Essential: Gym? Yoga? Physical Therapy? Check, Check, Check! Easily fits in a gym bag and can be used as a strap when you don’t have one on hand! Great for relaxing spa days as well! Practice yoga outdoors and during trips.
  • Say goodbye to your regular bulky towels and hello to Peshtemal! Peshtemal, otherwise known as Turkish bath towels are made of 100% Turkish cotton. 

  • Breathable, airy, woven into thin perfection! The special weave in the fabric allows for a lightweight and absorbent towel. Wonderfully versatile, you can use these towels anywhere and however.

    Take them to the beach and be amazed at how quickly sand can be shaken off. Towels will quickly dry off in between dips in the ocean or pool. Comfortably lounge under the sun thanks to the ample space the oversized towel provides.

    Use as a thin blanket on warmer nights, around your shoulders as a cover against the wind or across your lap by the campfire. Want to do yoga outside but don’t feel like carrying your mat? No problem! Just use the peshtemal when practicing outdoors or on the road.

    Easily pack for your travels whether you are flying, backpacking, camping, sailing, or going on a road trip. Towels roll up and take much less space than traditional towels. Thanks to the thin fabric, towels air dry quickly.

    Great for families who need to pack sets of towels. They are also a great replacement for traditional towels in humid bathrooms or households who want more space in their linen closet. Because they are quick to dry, they are less prone to getting that funky mildewy smell.

    Towels are easy to care for; simply pop them in the washer at 30℃ (wash cold). Best if line dried but can tolerate a low heat dryer cycle. While the towels may feel stiff when you first receive them, they will soften after a couple of washes.