Shower Toga

*NEW* SHOWER TO-GO-Your own personal portable shower!

$24.00 $29.00

Sandy feet, dirty pets, dirty kids, washing hands and general hygiene, rinsing off outdoor equipment, watering flowers, camping shower, emergency deacon, picnic dish washing, washing infants, portable pet water dispenser and so much more  

Please use a recycled 2 liter or 1 liter bottle. Soda bottles work great. Also works great with platypus collapsible bottles and bladders.

The Shower To-Go is a specially designed portable shower that attaches to just about any one or two liter bottle (not included as we want you to recycle a bottle) to convert them into a shower. It also fits most collapsible bottles and bladders. One of the most exciting things about the new Shower To-Go is it is the only self holding shower attachment on the market that allows you to store without worry of spilling your precious water. When in the "water off" position the Shower To-go has a super easy and comfortable handle for carrying. 
Ck out our Shower To-Go and Shower Toga bundles to save $$
  • Turns Most 1 or 2 Liter Bottles (Including popular Collapsible Bottles & Bladders) Into A Portable Shower. Bottle Not Included.
  • Lightweight and very durable (Only 0.9 oz) - Makes For An Easy Camping Shower
  • Easy To Use: Simply Hold It Above The Area To Be Washed & Turn Upside Down For A Steady Stream Of Water or turn sideways and you have a easy carry handle as well as a leak proof way to easily transport your water. 
  • Multiple Uses: Great For Washing Pets & Sandy Beach Toys