Shower Toga

What Is a "Shower Toga"?

What is Shower Toga? Shower Toga is an innovative 5 ounce, high quality, patent pending, coated nylon wearable product for changing, showering and redressing. Shower Toga doubles as a bag for your dirty clothes, or wet suit, allowing you to keep your car clean and dry. Cleaning up after activities has never been easier. It's basically like a portable locker room-Just add water!

Simply step into the Shower Toga and place it around your waist (for men) or armpits (for women). Tighten the drawstrings and disrobe. The specially designed no-gap side openings allow you to undress and discreetly wash all areas of your body using any water source. Dry off using the same method and redress. The Shower Toga also solves the issue of dirty clothes, gear or wet suit by doubling as a bag in order to keep your car clean and dry. Shower Toga was invented after the founder, Kressa Peterson, realized that there was no viable option for getting clean after doing obstacle course races. Perfect for runners, surfers, Campers, hikers, bikers, endurance athletes, beach goers, kids who play sports and so much more. The possibilities are endless! But it turns out the Shower Toga is also very helpful in "home care" situations as well by allowing caregivers to assist their loved ones and patients bathe with dignity and some privacy.

Shower Toga is machine washable (line dry in minutes), compact, lightweight and easy to use! As always we guarantee you will love your Shower Toga or return for a refund.

Shower Toga also gives back. Your purchase will allow us to get Shower Togas into areas who have been hit by natural disasters. Lack of hygiene can cause infection, and even death, in areas hit hard by mother nature. Shower Toga is currently finalizing a biodegradable Shower Toga specifically for this purpose and we are very excited to launch this campaign. Thanks for your support!

Great For...

Tent Camping

Sleep under the stars, they said. It’ll be fun, they said. But after a while, nature gets a little too natural, and you just really need a shower. My least favorite part about tent camping is dragging all of my shower supplies to a communal camp bathroom - usually in the dark - that is questionably clean and sometimes even a little sketchy. That is, if there even is a camp bathroom at all, of course. We tried the pop-up shower tent option at our site, too, but when the sun was just right you could see right through it, and it was so lightweight that we ended up chasing it through the campground when the wind picked up one day. With my Shower Toga, I can rinse off at our site, right out in the open, using the site water hose or my Shower To-Go.

Scuba diving and snorkeling

When you snorkel or scuba dive, you get back onto the boat afterward covered in itchy salt water. A good dive master usually has fresh water available for divers to rinse off the salt. If I throw my Shower Toga in with my dive gear, I can shuck my salty suit, rinse off with the freshwater, and put on dry clothes before we get back to the marina, which makes the ride back so much more comfortable!

Assisted living

My grandmother is in a nursing home. She can do some things herself still, but one of the things she needs assistance with is bathing. The Shower Toga has given her back her dignity; she no longer has to fully undress to get help getting clean. The staff can help her put the Shower Toga on, take her garments off underneath it, and assist her with bathing through the slits in the sides if she needs help. This makes for less stress for her and the staff!

Beach and surf

The beach is one of my favorite places. I love the sand, the waves, and the saltwater. When it’s time to go, though, I don’t want to take it home with me. Sometimes the beach has outdoor showers for rinsing, and those are good to a point - that point being that you can’t get naked, really rinse off, and put on clean clothes in public. I take my Shower Toga to the beach now. I throw it on, strip out of my salty suit, rinse off under the beach shower or with my Shower To-Go, and leave the beach where it belongs.

Boating and kayaking

After a day boating the lake or paddling the river comes the less fun part - loading up and sitting in your wet clothes all the way home. Not anymore! My husband keeps his Shower Toga in his SUV for cycling. Just the other day, we were on the boat ramp, and he was loading the kayaks back onto the roof rack. He doesn’t need me for this part, so as I waited I grabbed his Shower Toga, slipped it on, dropped my wet shorts, dried off under the Toga, and put on my dry bottoms. I was ready to ride home in dry clothes before he was done tying down the kayaks. I managed to impress some onlookers in the process, and now they want Shower Togas, too!

RV and VanLife

Before I had a Shower Toga, I only used our motorhome’s outdoor shower for washing the dogs or cleaning bikes or other outdoor messes. With a Shower Toga, I can get out of my dirty clothes and rinse off outside without offending my neighbors at the next camp site, leaving the dirt outside my coach and putting less water into my gray tank. This is especially helpful when we’re boondocking at a field for a race event or festival!

With kids and 3 big dogs, I keep my Shower To Go right outside our camper door. When we come back from a walk around the park or a hike in the woods, I can quickly rinse the pups’ paws - and ours - on the way in so we don’t bring the great outdoors inside with us!

Public pool and waterparks

If you have kids, you know the drill: when it’s time to leave the pool or the waterpark, you either have to drag your littles and your changing bag to the public restrooms and help them change in a cramped stall and then have them wait for you while you change, or you take them straight to the car and and everyone sits on towels and rides home wet. That was the old way. With our Shower Toga, we can change out in the open right there by the pool or in the waterpark; nobody has to wait in long lines or squeeze into tiny stalls, boys don’t have to go into the girls’ room with mom, and everybody goes home dry with all the wet suits tied up and stowed for travel in the waterproof Toga bag.

Dog owners

My new Shower To-Go might be man’s OTHER best friend! Our dogs love to go hiking and mountain biking with us. They especially love to run through mud puddles over and over; they won’t get in our pool, but for some reason mud puddles are so much fun! Now I keep the Shower To-Go in my car when we hike, and the pups can get a rinse off before they get back in my car to go home. Saves tons on the car detailing bill!


Cycling is a dirty sport. If you don’t get back to your car covered in trail dust or mud - and maybe even a little blood - after riding your mountain bike, was it even worth it? I’m usually parked in a random parking lot or a trailhead without a public bathroom. I used to change between my two open car doors and hope I didn’t flash anyone in the process. With a Shower Toga, I can get out of my dirty kit with a little more modesty, rinse the dirt off me and my bike with my Shower To-Go, dry off, put on clean clothes, and put my muddy gear inside the Shower Toga before I drive home. My wife loves that the inside of my car is no longer perpetually covered in dirt!