Shower Toga

What Is Shower Toga?

What is Shower Toga? Shower Toga is an innovative 5 ounce, high quality, patent pending, coated nylon wearable product for changing, showering and redressing. Shower Toga doubles as a bag for your dirty clothes, or wet suit, allowing you to keep your car clean and dry. Cleaning up after activities has never been easier. It's basically like a portable locker room-Just add water!

Simply step into the Shower Toga and place it around your waist (for men) or armpits (for women). Tighten the drawstrings and disrobe. The specially designed no-gap side openings allow you to undress and discreetly wash all areas of your body using any water source. Dry off using the same method and redress. The Shower Toga also solves the issue of dirty clothes, gear or wet suit by doubling as a bag in order to keep your car clean and dry. Shower Toga was invented after the founder, Kressa Peterson, realized that there was no viable option for getting clean after doing obstacle course races. Perfect for runners, surfers, Campers, hikers, bikers, endurance athletes, beach goers, kids who play sports and so much more. The possibilities are endless! But it turns out the Shower Toga is also very helpful in "home care" situations as well by allowing caregivers to assist their loved ones and patients bathe with dignity and some privacy.

Shower Toga is machine washable (line dry in minutes), compact, lightweight and easy to use! As always we guarantee you will love your Shower Toga or return for a refund.

Shower Toga also gives back. Your purchase will allow us to get Shower Togas into areas who have been hit by natural disasters. Lack of hygiene can cause infection, and even death, in areas hit hard by mother nature. Shower Toga is currently finalizing a biodegradable Shower Toga specifically for this purpose and we are very excited to launch this campaign. Thanks for your support!