Shower Toga

The Ultimate Changing Towel Replacement

Changing Towels have been a favorite way of changing at the beach for a long time....

But what happens to your dirty swimwear/clothes when you're finished with them?

(Not to mention your body too!)Β 

They Smell πŸ‘ƒ

Your Clothes are Wet πŸ’¦

Sand/Dirt Gets all over your car/tent

Shower and Change at the SAME TIME ANYWHERE!

Find out why Tens of thousands are switching to the Shower Toga:

That's why we've invented the Shower Toga

Change Your ClothesΒ 

Clean yourself up

Shower off Anywhere

Then the shower toga converts into a sealable bag to keep the dirt and smell concealed!

Enjoy your car ride or camping trip without the dirt or smell!

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Your Changing Towel will retire once you have the power of Shower Toga

AS Seen on Shark Tank 🦈