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How to Change Your Clothes at The Gym Without Being Embarrassed

After a heavy workout or a game, some people leave in the same wet and sweaty outfit because they are too embarrassed to change in front of others. This practice is very unhygienic and can cause many skin infections.

Most teenagers skip physical education classes. They feel uncomfortable changing in front of their classmates. They are afraid of body shaming and getting called names due to their body type and build.

There is a clinical term for this emotional state – Gym Anxiety or Social anxiety at Gym. Here are some tips that will help you change clothes without exposing yourself in front of others.

How to change at the Gym without exposing yourself?

Tip 1: Use your locker’s door.

Open your locker door to form an L. Now stand facing to the joining of door and locker. Though this won't cover you much, you will feel better while changing. You can also find a corner and change there.

Tip 2: Sit down while you change.

Whether you are changing a top or a bottom, you feel less exposed when you change while sitting on a bench or floor. You can keep your clothes in front of you. Remove your shirt or pant and quickly wear another. 

Tip 3: Keep your clothes ready.

Before you start changing, take out the clothes from the bag. Keeping the clothes to wear ready in front of you will make you less anxious, and you will need lesser time to change.

Tip 4: Use Shower Toga.

This is a revolutionary product for men and women of all sizes. You can wear it to take a shower or change your clothes in public places like the gym. Shower Toga not only helps you change clothes without embarrassment but also keeps you safe from contracting any harmful germs and bacteria.

Tip 5: Wear a gym outfit from home.

If you are too shy to try anything else, you can always wear your gym outfit under your other clothes. This way, you will only have to remove them at the gym and wear them on your way back home.

Some tips for handling your gym clothes better.

Do you change or shower at the gym? Many people find it hard to maintain a healthy routine while managing gym clothes. Here are some tips for handling your gym clothes better.

What are the Must-Have Gym Clothes?

  1. You should have two pairs of gym clothes.
  2. Females can wear sports bras.
  3. Males can wear boxers and avoid white underpants.
  4. Buy dark clothes, so your sweat marks don’t show through.
  5. Your gym outfit should be moderately fitting. Not so tight that it limits your movement, but not so baggy that it interferes with your activities.

How to Care for Gym Clothes? How to Wash and Sanitize them?

  1. Wash your gym clothes regularly.
  2. Let your sweaty gym clothes dry before soaking them.
  3. Wash your gym clothes in cold water.
  4. Avoid using laundry detergent and fabric softener.
  5. Wash your gym clothes separately from other clothes.

How to Store your Gym Clothes?

  1. Hang your tops and fold your bottoms.
  2. Sort the clothes according to color or how frequently you wear them.
  3. Store your undergarments separately from regular undergarments and other gym clothes.
  4. Keep your sweaty clothes in the shower toga – yes, the same product doubles as a storage bag for storing your sweaty clothes.
  5. Spray some perfume or rinse the clothes a little before keeping them in a bag after changing.

Get over the embarrassment of changing clothes in public with shower toga

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