Shower Toga

You don't have to be dirty in your tent in 2022

You don't have to be dirty in your tent in 2022

Modern Day problems require modern day solutions. 

I love the feeling of leaving everything behind and enjoying a few days out in the wilderness. Whether it be a hike or trip to the lake, there is nothing better than laying down in your tent to be caressed by an evening snooze.


But there is one smelly elephant in the room. It's you! 

Before showering in your tent

There are a few solutions, but they all come with some drawbacks:

Regular shower tents take up a ton of space and use a ton of water. ❌

Wet Wipes make a huge mess and are bad for the environment ❌

Sprays don't really get you clean enough to not have the days scent along. ❌



This is why we invented the Shower Toga. 🚿


  • Get Cleaned up and shower anywhere in the world! Shower Toga users can get clean while camping, hiking, or after a swim
  • Enjoy privacy in any situation without using awkward public showers!
  • Ultra Lightweight, less than 6oz when packed up. Shower Toga fits into any daytime backpack! (It's about the size of an apple!)
  • The simple shower turns any bottle into a water source! Leave it in the sun ☀ and have hot water in no time!
  • One Shower Toga will last year after year during your outdoor adventures!
  • Shower Toga has stealthy pockets to wash underneath with ease while still completely covering you!

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Hundreds of 5* Reviews

When you are finished, it turns into a dirty gear bag!

Change and shower anywhere without a bulky shower tent!

As Seen on Shark Tank 🦈

This bundle includes the world famous simple shower! 🚿

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